Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Because We Are Friends…

Because friends don't let friends miss a good deal...  Am I right? 

Starting today (like RIGHT NOW), Young Living is offering a fun autumn flash sale. You can receive 20% off 5 of their best-selling essentials oils.

** Fall Flash Sale Ends Thursday, October 25th **

This is a really great deal so if you need to stock up your wellness cabinet for cold + flu season, this is going to be a great time to do that!!  Some of my PERSONAL FAVORITES are in this line up so I am super excited for the extra savings this month.

Hello.... Thieves????  I do not want to be without this bad boy in our home this time of year.

So let’s take a quick peek at what these 5 amazing oils can do for you + your family…


If you do not have a Young Living Membership, I would love to have you sign up with me.

You can get your Beginner’s Membership Box or shop as a retail customer here – www.OurLittleOils.net.

Want all the details on this flash sale?  Click Here

Hope you guys are having a great week,
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Monday, October 22, 2018

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind

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Motherhood Monday 2

Photo Taken:  October 2014
Merry Layne – 2 years old, Joy Lynn – 4 years old, and Emma Lee – 6 years old

What do girls do who haven’t any mothers to help them through their troubles?
                                                                                      ~  Louisa May Alcott

My 4 girls are still young (10, 8, 6, and 3) and while I am still very much in the teaching + training phase of motherhood with all my littles under my wings each day… these precious days are going by way too fast for my liking.  My reality right now is wiping up spilled milk while I juggle toddler fits, diagramming prepositional phrases, and pinning up ballet buns.  Even with all these daily demands, I do not want to lose the bigger picture of motherhood. 

What do I mean by this bigger picture of motherhood?

Well as much as I hate to admit it, these precious babies are going to one day grow up and fly out from under my wings.  They are going to have those big + little troubles that life throws your way as you grow up and I really do want to be there for them every step of the way just as I have been there for them now as they learned to walk, multiply, and prepare cornbread for dinner. 

In regards to these 4 “little women” that I am raising, it is my hope + pray that we can always be best friends.  I tell them this every night as I tuck them in bed and it is my heart’s desire to have this same close-knit relationship when they are adults as we have now.  I also pray that these girls will love + support each other as sisters when they are adults just as much as they love + support each other now as 4 giggly, fun-loving little girls who all share the same bedroom.  Maybe I have been watching way too much Chesapeake Shores lately, but I truly desire for all my children to grow up and for us all to be the best of friends.

So Mama, focus on the relationships within your home today and ask God to keep your family close-knit.
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Lauren Hope


I am having a hard time believing that my baby girl turns 3 years old today.  This precious – but very spirited + independent – little girl definitely keeps me on my toes.  After having 3 girls in a row, I just assumed that I had this “girl thing” all figured out but I was totally wrong when this 4th little bundle of pink showed up in our lives.  This precious little blue-eyed, light haired baby doll has us all at her beck + call and we absolutely adore her.


We keep birthdays pretty simple around here.  Lauren Hope was able to spend last weekend with her grandparents + extended family and then we had her actual party here at our home today.  We had a great time celebrating our “Little Bit of Hope” as we like to call her. 


We like to do something called “Praises before Presents”.  It is a time for each member of the family to speak love + appreciation to the birthday boy or girl.  Lauren Hope was super excited about this part and I think her favorite part was giving everyone hugs + kisses after they said praises to her this evening. 


❤️ Happy Birthday “Little Bit of Hope”.  We Love You!! ❤️


The rest of our weekend will be filled up with visiting the pumpkin patch, watching Nate play his final game of flag football, and celebrating Merry Layne as she gets baptized at church on Sunday morning.

Whew…  I sure am glad we homeschool and don’t get out to socialize much.  Ha!!!  Smile
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