Thursday, November 8, 2018

Homeschool Mom Life | Episode #2

Homeschool Mom Life 2
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Happy Thursday Friends!!

I am excited to be back again this week with another episode of Homeschool Mom Life. This is a show just for YOU – the homeschool mom.  I hope it will be a weekly dose of encouragement + real life + helpful tips along the way. 

Here are details + links from today’s video…

  • Enrichment Studies Guide – This is what I use as the spine for our Morning Time Feast.
  • Simply Weekly Subjects – This is an excellent blog post + video by Mrs. Sonya Shafer about adding in the feast of Charlotte Mason subjects in your homeschool.  It really only takes a few minutes each week to add in such a rich variety to your homeschool. 

2018 - 11.06.2018 - Our Fall Book Basket - Thumbnail11.14.2017 - Our Thanksgiving Book Basket - Thumbnail
Fall 2018 - Mid Season New Titles - LifeSize

The highlight of my week was seeing this precious boy baptized.
Nathan James – 12 Years Old

2018 - 11
Just a few favorite things I am enjoying this week.

We are hoping this downstairs bathroom renovation will be done by the end of this year.

Little boys with fevers require lots of snuggles.
Bennett Lawson – 4 Years Old

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s episode of Homeschool Mom Life.  My prayer is that this show will be a blessing to you as you walk along on this journey that God has called you and your family to pursue.  If you enjoyed the show today, please leave me a comment and be sure to leave your questions for the next round of q+a time.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Take A Peek Inside…. Our Fall Book Basket

2018 - 11.06.2018 - Our Fall Book Basket - Thumbnail

Ahhh Autumn…  I just LOVE this time of year and I especially love having fun seasonal books + resources to help my family embrace this special season.  So if you are like me and you love having a fun seasonal basket for your kiddos, let’s dive in and take a peek inside our fall book basket.

Here are details + links from today’s video..

Autumn Books

Early Readers

Picture Books

Games   Puzzles

Games + Puzzles

We have had some of these things for so long now that I could not find links for them.  Sorry!!

And here is that cute poem that I shared in the video…

Being A Christian is Like Being a Pumpkin

Did I miss any good ones?  I am always looking for more good seasonal books to add to our collection.  Please leave me a comment below letting me know your family’s favorites. 
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Looking For Thanksgiving Books?  Click Here!!
11.14.2017 - Our Thanksgiving Book Basket - Thumbnail

Monday, November 5, 2018

Putting The Focus Where It Should Be | Motherhood Monday

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Motherhood Monday 2
Photo Taken:  November 2016  ~  Bennett Lawson – 2 years old

Coming from the solid base of the home environment where children are treasured, not measured, they will be able to concentrate more on reaching their goals and less on maintaining an image or impressing others.
                                                                                           ~ Mary Pride, Schoolproof

While I have never read this book, I recently came across the quote from Mary Pride and I could not agree with her more.  This idea of being able to instill a love of learning, raising my children so they feel like they are treasured in a safe environment, and so they do not have to focus their attention on a false idea of “image or impressing others” is so very important to me as a mother.  This is one of the top reasons on our family’s list of “why we homeschool” (which reminds me that I totally need to get back to updating that list).  SmileSmileSmile

I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be home with my children everyday (and notice that I never said this was easy) so they are not forced to grow up too early or feel lead to try and look or talk like someone else.  I am grateful that my little boys get to pretend with legos + dinosaurs and my little girls get to play with baby dolls and princess dresses without someone telling them this is not cool or a baby thing to do. 

I am grateful that we get to put the focus on the inward matters of the heart, focusing on God and striving to be more like Jesus Christ while daily teaching + training them to be who He wants them to be – and not what some overpowering peer tell them they should be.  We get to shy away from the outward appearance of trying to look + talk like everyone else in this world.  This is what homeschooling is all about and I am so grateful that our family has been given this gift to create a solid, safe foundation of home where my children are treasured, not measured.

Blessing this week friend,
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Caleb Davis – 11 Years Old, Nathan James – 10 Years Old, Emma Lee – 8 Years Old, Joy Lynn – 6 Years Old,
Merry Layne – 4 Years Old, Bennett Lawson – 2 Years Old, and Lauren Hope – 1 Year Old

These photos were taken while we were visiting the beach during Sea Lab.  It is so hard to believe that we are making plans  + preparing to attend again in just a few short weeks.
Making these memories with my family is precious to me!!