Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Winter Book Basket

Our Little Library - Winter Basket

These are some of our favorite resources to pull out during the winter months.

Winter - Secrets of Winter[2]
Secrets of Winter

Shine a light behind the pages and discover a natural winter world full of surprises!

Winter - The Big Snow
The Big Snow

This one teaches so many great lessons about nature, hibernation, and reminds us to feed the animals during the winter months.

Winter - Grandmother Winter
Grandmother Winter

Love the nuggets about nature + the sweet illustrations.

The Night Before the Snow Day

This one is fun to read the night before a big snow.  There are several in this series.  The Christmas one is a favorite.

Winter - Thats Not My Snowman[2]
That’s Not My Snowman

Perfect for toddlers.

61k5X qd3iL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_
Let It Snow

We have several in this series.  They are simple, just for fun books, but I absolutely LOVE the illustrations so that is why it stays in our basket.  They are fun to pull out each season and talk about the pictures.

Winter – Snow

These are some of our favorite resources to study snow + snowflakes.

Winter - Snow - Curious About Snow[8]
Curious About Snow

Winter - Snow - Snowflake Bentley[14]
Snowflake Bentley

Winter - Snow - Snowflakes in Photographs[10]
Snowflakes in Photographs

Enjoy the actual photographs
from Snowflake Bentley

Winter – Antarctica + Shackleton

We love to study the adventures of Shackleton and this is the perfect time of year to focus your geography on Antarctica.  Discover some of our favorites rescources we use each year. 

Trapped by the Ice!

Great picture book!

Who Was Ernest Shackleton?

Antarctica Journeys to the South Pole

This is a thrilling read to learn more about all of the expeditions to Antarctica.  Great one for upper elementary + middle school.


This is an A&E dramatization of the story.  It does a pretty good job retelling the journey.  There are a few choice words in this one + they mention the affair that he was involved in.  I personally like the way they focus on the photographer/videographer Frank Hurley.

Winter - Antarctica - When The Sun Shines on Antarctica
When The Sun Shines on Antarctica

This books adds a fun flavor to our Poetry Tea Time during the winter months.

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