Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – Week #4

In our homeschool this week…

We started our new co op this past week.  Monday morning was full of excitement as the children all got up super early and got ready to head out on our new adventure.


It was a great 1st day and we are all really looking forward to the new adventures ahead.


The rest of our week was spent learning Math. It is really a lot of fun for me to see Caleb Davis get beyond the “basics” and start doing the kind of math that I always enjoyed learning.


We focused on learning about The Flood in our history lessons and we learned more about Creation this week in our bible lessons. 


We also learned about the letter B in Phonics and we studied about article adjectives in Grammar.


It seems like we also spent a good bit of time practicing our spelling words, handwriting, and reading literature too. 


Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I am not so sure that this is a tip but Caleb Davis read this book this past week and loved it.  It is a great one!

Places We Are Going and People We Are Seeing…

We got to hang out with these 2 fun friends this week.


We focused on school work for a while and then relaxed the rest of the afternoon with a fun history video while the 3 little girls took a nap.


We also hung out with lots of friends at our monthly Show + Tell on Friday.  Caleb and Nate presented the 1st 16 events in our history song and Emma Lee showed off some of her favorite work from her school binder.  It is always so fun to see what the other boys and girls are learning in their home schools.  We also enjoyed the picnic and fellowship afterwards.  It was such nice weather.  I remember being so hot and pregnant last year!


My favorite thing this week was…

Seeing Josh walk through the door on Thursday evening (sorry no photo) and watching these little ones run to the van to load up for our 1st day of co op.  They were so excited!


What is working or not working for us…

The prekindergarten phonics + handwriting stuff that I choose for Emma Lee is really working out well this year.  I will share more on this later but we are loving it.

We tacked some other projects this weekend so that patio that I was telling you all about last week is still not cleaned up.  We are hoping to get to that one later next week because a big part of what makes our school days work is keeping the little ones engaged and happy.

I am cooking…


In the crock pot a lot these days.  It is just so super easy and something that I can throw in during the morning and not have to think about it again until 4:00 pm. 

I am grateful for…

safe flights home and telephones so we can stay connected. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal–Week #3

In our homeschool this week…

We had another great school week.  We learned about having good manners and how to be a helper.  Emma Lee had fun putting together a quick craft all by herself about The Lion and the Mouse story.  It was fun seeing her perform the puppet show.


We studied about Cain and Abel in both our bible and history subjects this week. 

2nd grade is so much fun!!

We had a great time learning about the letter M this week. 



Nathan did a great job presenting his Phonics Museum again this week. 


M is for Mummy!

And I really think that Emma Lee is making some major improvements learning her letters.  Just take a look a look at what she made all by herself this week…


I was so proud of her!!  And the exciting part is that she recognized all of these letters.  Yeah!!

I must give some praise to these 2 little girls this week.  They were so good for their Mommy and did not give me a minute’s trouble.  I think they like the new daily schedule just as much as the big kids do.



Places We Are Going and People We Are Seeing…

Friday was our day to get out of the house this week.  I told the children that I had a surprise for them that day so they all worked hard to get their morning school work done super fast.  Our new co op starts on Monday so I surprised them all with new backpacks, lunchboxes, and nap mats.  We had big plans that day to go shopping for new co op supplies and then go on a quick tour of the new co op to drop off lesson plans.  We also enjoyed a fun lunch date (they all begged for Mexican) and then headed home for afternoon naps.  After seeing the co op rooms, they are all so excited about the new adventure that awaits them on Monday morning.

My favorite thing this week…

Catching this little guy asleep on the couch. 

Kindergarten can wear you out sometimes!!


I Am Reading…

I am currently reading this book – One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms – during my morning quiet time.  They are short daily devotions, but very to the point and have given me something to think on during the day. 

What is Working/Not Working For Us…

I mentioned last week that we were having a hard time fitting Grammar into our school day.  I am happy to report that this problem appears to be solved this week and I am so glad because this is one of our (Caleb + Mommy) favorite subjects each day.

Something not working for us right now is outside play time or at least I should say outdoor patio time.  Our patio is right beside the school room and it is usually a great extension to our classroom (reading in the swing or sending the energetic little girls out to play) but right now this space is full of renovation stuff and is not working for us.  I am really hoping this next weekend that we can clean this area out and open it back up for our family to use. 

A photo, video, link, or quote to share… 

We absolutely LOVE our piano teacher.  She is such a blessing to our family and here is a peek at Caleb Davis’ piano lesson this week. 

I am grateful for…


That my little ones get just as excited as I do about new backpacks and having their names on their new lunchboxes.  They played “co op” all weekend!!




Friday, August 17, 2012

What We Use For… Bible (PreK, K, and 1st Grade)


I wanted to share what our family has used for bible curriculum for the PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st grade years.

I type pretty fast but I talk a whole lot faster so I figured that a quick video to show + tell would be a lot easier so I hope you find this information helpful…


Here are some links to the resources mentioned in the video…

We have truly enjoyed these resources and I hope this helps as you plan out your new school year.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – Week #2

In our homeschool this week…

After all the Back to School festivities last week, I think we had a “typical” school week around here.  I am still tweaking our schedule a little bit here and there to make our days flow better but overall things are going really well. 

We studied Letter A this week (phonics + handwriting) and I think Emma Lee can actually recognize it consistently now.  We also focused on The Fall in the Garden during history this week and did lots of reading and math. 


I guess I was so busy teaching and keeping up with the household that I did not take many photos this week.  But I did catch Nate as he presented his 1st Phonics Museum this week.  He has watched his big brother present these for the past 2 years and was so excited to finally have his turn. 

These photos are from last week but they show his excitement so well…

2012 - 7 - July

Places We Are Going and People We Are Seeing…



Thursday was a busy day for us.  We went on a field trip with our homeschool preschool group.  This was our 1st time to go on the Publix Supermarket tour and it was soooo much fun!  I really did not know what to expect but the employees did a great job and I think we all learned something new about how a grocery store operates. 

Going back to see the butcher.

We ended our field trip by heading back home for a yummy Publix lunch (chicken tenders from the deli and the yummy goodie bag full of fruit and snacks that they gave us).




It was a fun morning and we ended the day by having some new friends over for dinner.  Sorry no photos!!

Bright Lights Friends: The group photos from our field trip are over on our Share Site so grab a copy for yourself.

My favorite thing this week was…

Watching these 3 “perform” our new history song for us one night this week.  Josh and I got so tickled because we can see their different personalities shine through during this little performance. 

I am grateful for…


This guy.  He set up a babysitter and took me out Friday night to celebrate our 1st date.  I should mention that we did have a cute little chaperone join us for the evening. 

What is Working/Not Working for us…

I have implemented a “planning period” into my afternoon routine (15 minutes) and it is really helping me prepare for the next day and clean up any messes from the current day’s activities. 

Grammar on the other hand is not working.  We are having a hard time fitting this particular subject into our morning school time so I am going to try moving it to a later time slot in the afternoon.  Caleb Davis is the only one that works on grammar this year so it should be easy to do while the little ones are down for a nap.

As you can see, we had a really fun week and looking forward to another great one ahead!