Friday, July 20, 2012

It is almost time…

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Yes, it is hard to believe that it is *almost* time to start back to school again.  To be honest, we have been doing a little bit of work here and there these past few weeks so we already have a good many days “counted” for the next school year.  The main reason we do this is because it is just too darn hot to go outside right now + I love having some early “practice” days with our new fall schedule so that it is not so hard when all the fall activities start cranking up next month. 


But… the real 1st day of school is coming up in a few weeks (Monday, July 30th) and we are all getting really excited around here to break out the new books, pencils, and crayons.  Not to mention the new chalkboard and teacher supplies that Mommy gets to play with too.  Bullet_Smiley_1 


And with all this excitement comes a new and freshly updated part of our little blog.  If you are reading this sentence, then you have stumbled upon our new little virtual school page.  I get asked all the time about our family + homeschooling + how do I do it with all the littles + how does our day go + what do we use, etc…  You get the idea, right?  I am hoping in the weeks + months ahead that I can record some of the things here on this page so that our family can record the memories but also in hopes that it might help some of you out there too.


So, here is where you come in…  Leave me a comment with your questions, curiosities, etc., so that I will know if there is anything specific that you would like to see me post about.  Otherwise, I will just start out with some of the basics and how we do things in our little schoolhouse.


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