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Ok, so tell me that you have been to the Rainforest Café restaurant and you know where the title of this post is coming from?

Rainforest Café – January 2009

Well if you have no idea what I am referring too, I suggest that you go on your next vacation and experience this wonderful dessert.  It is FABULOUS!!

Now back to my original intent of this post…  Where was I going with all this?

Oh, yeah… 

Volcanoes – The rocky mountain kind, not the yummy brownie and ice cream kind.

We have had the best time learning about volcanoes with the children these past few weeks.  Nathan James received a very neat volcano kit for Christmas from grandparents this year.  (I am not 100% sure but I think this is the exact one here.) 

Josh and Nathan worked together putting the structure of this thing together one afternoon and then Josh set him loose to painting and decorating it.


Art is Nate’s specialty so he loved this part of the project!!


And here is the finished product…


He did a pretty good job.  Don’t ya think?


This was also the same day that Nate’s new glasses arrived.  He broke His Daddy broke his 1st set of frames a few weeks ago while they were visiting our local children’s museum. 


OK, I am getting off track again.  Back to those explosive volcanoes…

I wanted to tie in a little more learning other than just using the fun glow in the dark kit and making it explode.  You know us homeschool Moms, we are always trying to tie in our play time with our school time. I mean is that not the beauty of this whole homeschooling and living life together thing?

I knew exactly where to go in my search…

Volatile Volcanoes

You have heard about these great unit studies published by Amanda Bennett, right?  If not, you have to go check them out.  They are fabulous!!  My personal favorites are the Download ‘N Go ones.  They are so easy and we really love all the links to online movies that are embedded in the files.  If you want to try out some of these out, you can find a Unit Study Sampler on her website for FREE.  This particular one says it is a 5 day study but we spread it out for 2 weeks and it worked just fine.  Just go at your own pace.

The boys also read some great books on some of the more famous volcanoes in history.

Hill of Fire                  Pompeii, Buried Alive!

The big finale for Nate was taking his volcano to our Show and Tell monthly fellowship that we have with our local cover school.  We actually had 2 little boys with homemade volcanoes exploding that day.  Fun Times!!



Speaking of Show and Tell, this was our last one for the school year so it was extra special for these 2 little ones to meet that day.


I have to say that we have the BEST cover school and the BEST families to be on this homeschool journey with.  We feel so very blessed that God put us here with all of them. 

I think I have rambled on enough about volcanoes (and a bunch of other stuff too).

What about you?  What fun school activities are you working on these days?
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