Friday, August 1, 2014

First Day of School

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Today was the BIG kickoff to our new school year.  We are members of a homeschool covering that starts on June 1st and ends on May 31st, which means that we can accumulate school days anytime during that period.  We like to get a few school days done during the summer while it is blazing hot outside.  It works well for our family to do school 2 –3 days a week during the summer – mostly review work and finish up those darn grammar + math books – and then we have a big start to our new school year like today where we pull out all the new school supplies. 


The children were full of excitement about the new schedule and fun new books.  It is a special day for our family where we look forward to all the fun learning we will experience together this year.  Of course, we took the traditional 1st day of school photos…

01 - First Day of School

01 - First Day of School-001

01 - First Day of School-002

01 - First Day of School-003

01 - First Day of School-004

01 - First Day of School-005

And here’s the whole crew on the 1st day of school…



Wow!!  Do we really have HALF of our little bunch in “real” school this year?  Oh my!!!


And don’t forget you have to get a picture with the Principal and the Teacher, right?




When we were making our signs a few days before, the older children pointed out to me that we needed signs too. 

So sweet not to leave out Daddy + Mommy.  Smile


I will stop there for now.  I have tons more photos and details of our 1st day and 1st full week of school.  More of those coming soon!!

Please leave a comment or link below!!  We would love to see some photos from your 1st day of school.
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