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Summer School :: Vacation Stations


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Our Little Schoolhouse - Sumer School

I am not sure about you but I am SUPER excited that summer is here.  I personally had a rough winter + spring with morning sickness (yuck!) and on those long, hard days I kept the beautiful thought of summer in my head and now that it is here, I find myself singing like Olaf.  Ha!!I

Olaf in Summer

With that being said, it is still hard to believe that July is almost here.  I thought it would be fun to do a little series this week on some of our family’s favorite resources that we like to use during the summer.

First up we have…


Awww…  Vacation Stations.  Our family just LOVES these books.  We have used them for 3 summers now and they are just the best for keeping learning fun while at the same time keeping those new skills (that the children just spent the whole school year learning) fresh in their mind. 

Since our family does not use BJU Press materials during our regular school year, I also like the fact that the children are being approached with the same skills in a different way.  What I mean by this…  Same math skills for their grade level but since it is a new publisher, they are not “used” to seeing their approaches or worksheet formats so it makes them think outside the box and that is fun and challenging all at the same time. 


The way the books work are that you pick the level for the grade that your child will be entering in the fall.  For example, Emma Lee here just finished 1st grade and will be going into 2nd grade, so she is working in the Wheels Westard book for 1st grade going into 2nd this summer.


After you have your grade level picked, you simply open up the book and start the fun.  There are 10 weeks worth of fun summer school activities, a completion certificate, and answer key in the back.  Each week begins with an overview page to mark your progress. 


Then daily, you have 2 pages (left + right) to complete along with a reading goal challenge for each day.  We use a timer throughout the day to complete this portion of the book.

These pages above are from Caleb Davis’ Polar Explorer book (4th going into 5th grade). 

Like I mentioned earlier, our children really LOVE these books and it is a fun activity for the older children each day.  They can complete the work themselves and then I simply check their work, go over any errors, and sign off as complete for the day. 


There is also the added bonus that my children know if all the work is done at the end of the 10 weeks (all daily worksheets + reading) that they get to go on a shopping trip with Mommy to pick out a prize.  This summer we have all decided on a fun trip to the bookstore for a few new books and ice cream afterwards.

And yes, this does work because they are scheduled to go visit grandparents for a few days later on this summer and Nathan James even asked me the other day if he could take his book with him so he could stay caught up on his Vacation Station work. 


Stay tuned for more summer school activities this week.
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