Monday, March 28, 2016

Motherhood Monday - You Have A High Calling

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Happy Monday!! I just wanted to pop on here real quick to share a few more affirmations to affirm your high calling as wife + mother.

But wait... Ask yourself this question first. Do you consider it a high calling from God that He has given you this role as wife + mother? If not, perhaps that needs to be your prayer today that God will bring you joy in this journey that you are called too – being wife to your husband + mother to your children.

Motherhood Monday 2
{Photo Taken:  February 2011 – Emma Lee (3 years) and Joy Lynn (9 months)}

Here are a few more affirmations to encourage you along the way…

I LOVE home-making -- making my home a haven for my husband and family.

I LOVE eating and fellowshipping together as a family -- without the competition of the television, internet, or social media beeping at me.

I LOVE reading to my children.

I LOVE having my children around me.

Walking right here on this wonderful journey of motherhood with you today,

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