Friday, June 17, 2016

Curriculum Planning Forms

Happy Friday Friends!! 

It’s that time of year when we are all in planning mode for the upcoming school year.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a fun, FREE printable that I use to plan our school year.


Our Little Schoolhouse


This is a great form to list curriculum choices for subjects you do as a family, as well as individual studies for each child.  There is also a column to mark when you have purchased (or pulled from storage) all the supplies you need, as well as a spot to mark when you have it all scheduled in your lesson planner.  I have used this form for a few years now and it has really helped me in my initial planning for the year.  As a family that follows many of the teachings of Charlotte Mason, we do many subjects together and I really like to have one central form to map out all our “family integrated” subjects, as well as a separate form to keep track of each child’s individual studies. 

Take a peek at the forms below…

Curriculum Planing - Family Freebie.png


Curriculum Planning - Blank.png


Now hold on, I know what you are thinking…  This looks great, but I really need a custom form for my family.  

I have you covered!!  We all know that every family and every homeschool is different and sometimes we need forms that are made just for our individual needs.  I have an option to customize your child’s individual subjects, and you can also include your child’s name, grade, and age.

Curriculum Planing - Custom.png

Want to know where to find these goodies? 

Just head on over to my printables page and they are all waiting for you.

Happy Homeschooling!!
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  1. Oh Jamie, this is great!! I just shared at our 30 Ways We Homeschool event page!
    Thank you. :)

    1. Ana, Thanks for the kind words and for sharing it over on your page. :)