Friday, October 20, 2017

Need Some Encouragement?

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As we are wrapping up our 1st term this school year, you may be feeling like me…  A tad bit overwhelmed, burned out, or just generally ill-equipped to balance this whole parenting + homeschooling + the rest of regular life stuff.  If you can relate then I encourage you to join me for the Homeschool Teaching Summit

It will refresh your excitement for this homeschool journey we are on, equip you with practical teaching tools, and transform your vision for Christian education and discipleship.  I am so excited to learn from these speakers and prepare myself for the rest of this school year as I lead my children in Christ-like teaching. 

Want to know the BEST part?  It is all online and it is FREE so you can snuggle up in your pajamas + grab a cup of yummy tea and never have to fight those vendor hall crowds. Ha!!

Just look at this great line-up of speakers…

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Most importantly, each video from this event will focus on the truth found in God’s Word and the hope that lies in trusting in Jesus Christ for today and for the future.

All of the video interviews bring a Christ-centered focus to these topics:

  • Teaching Foundations (the big-picture homeschooling vision)

  • Teaching Mechanics (teaching how-tos and strategies)

  • Teaching “That” Kid (struggling learners and parenting helps)

  • Teaching with Sanity (schedules and simplicity)

  • Teaching for Eternity (Gospel-powered homeschooling)

I encourage you to sign up today for the Homeschool Teaching Summit so you can join me in being refreshed, equipped, and transformed on the journey toward teaching our children for God’s glory!

Happy Homeschooling!!
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