Monday, October 16, 2017

Thoughts on Habits

Motherhood Monday 2

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Photo Taken:  September 2010.
Caleb Davis – 5 Years Old

Good habits can be some of your child’s best friends.  Getting up early (and cheerfully), daily Bible reading, cleanliness, punctuality, planning, good diet…  if they are an automatic part of his life, they will save your child much time, pain, and stress as an adult and free him for productivity.     ~  Karen Andereola

Charlotte Mason talks A LOT about habits in her writings and this is one area that can be such a growing pain for everyone in the family because we ALL need to strengthen those habit muscles.  I encourage you to pick just 1 habit for 4 – 6 weeks and focus on this with your children.  For our family right now, it is obedience.  This is one that we come back to again and again at the beginning of each school year.

Trust me Mama…  This area is NOT an easy one but it is SO WORTH IT to lay down the rails of good habits in our children’s lives.  If we can train them in good discipline, it will be far more worth it than any math lesson we could teach them this week. 

What habits are you working on with your family right now?
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