Friday, August 1, 2008

Homeschool Mom Life Tips

Homeschool Mom Life Tips

It is hard for me to believe that I have been doing this “homeschool mom thing” for 11 years now.  Trust me when I say…  There have been some AMAZING days where I feel so blessed to be able to home educate my children and then if I am being completely honest (which you guys know that I always am), there have been some um…  NOT SO AMAZING days where I am ready to run as fast as I can away from this crazy homeschool thing.  And if I am being painfully honest with you guys, those feelings can and do sometimes happen all in the same day.  Thankfully they do not come very often and most days, I do feel so blessed to be on this educational journey with my sweet children. 

All that so say…

There are some tips + tricks that I have learned along the way as we have continued in our homeschool journey and I hope that by sharing the things that have helped me that I will be able to help you add more sanity to your day and focus more on your children. 

Trips to the Library

Here’s a quick tip…  If you can create going to the library as part of your weekly routine, it makes it so simple to know when your books are due.  For example, the past 2 years my “library day” has been Tuesday afternoon after ballet drop off/pickup.  My favorite local branch is close by and this makes it super easy for me to drop by to pick up holds or return books each week.  I know that if I check them out on a Tuesday, then they are always due on a Tuesday.

Easy peasy and one less thing for this mama of 8 to have to remember in my brain.

I hope to be able to grow this little spot here on our site so check back often and if any of these work for you, please leave me a comment below.

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