Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Nathan James

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Wow!!  My days are flying by so fast and I never feel it more than when my kiddos have a birthday.  Today is our son’s birthday.  Nathan James (aka Nate) is the 2nd oldest in this bunch and I am in total denial that my little “smiley face” turns TWELVE today. 

Yes, that was (and still is) my nickname for that sweet little 3 month old baby who had the most precious smile that just took over his entire face.  Ahhh…  I would do anything to go back and snuggle that precious baby boy. 

Turning 12 is a big deal in our family – he is a young man now.   This is an important age in the Bible and we feel like it should be rewarded + honored in a big way.  You can find out more about this idea of what you can expect from a 12 year old from this great sermon by one of my favorite pastors. 

Nate has had a great week – Started off the weekend with visits from grandparents + he had his 1st plane trip with his dad + grandfather as they all went to their 1st Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. 


We are planning a simple family pizza party tonight and then a weekend full of football (Nate plays Upwards with our church) and more visits from grandparents. 

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If you need me all weekend, I will just be down in my laundry room trying to hold back the tears as I swap out summer + autumn clothes and wondering how time has gone so very fast!! 

The tears may or may not be from the fact that my little boy is growing up or that I am having to swap out laundry for TEN people!! 

Have a great weekend, friends!!
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Monday, September 24, 2018

No Greater Joy

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Motherhood Monday 2

Photo Taken:  September 2011.
Nathan James – 5 Years Old + 6 Months Expecting with Merry Layne

It is so hard for me to believe that this little guy will turn 12 years old this week.

When I start to think about all the things that I “could be” or “should be” teaching my children, it can be quite overwhelming at times.  I believe these feelings to be especially true for a homeschool mom.  I know that there will be gaps in their education.  Wait a minute…  Did I just type type that?!?  Surprised smile

Yes, this is true.  We just cannot possibly teach our children everything.  No matter how many times we start at the beginning of the history timeline and work out way through from Ancient Egypt to Modern Times, it is just NOT going to happen.  We are going to miss some things and that is ok.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
~  3 John 1:4

I find so much peace in this simple verse.  It really sums up my big overall purpose to me beautifully. 

There is no greater thing that I can be teaching my children or modeling for them day in + day out than to walk in truth.  Remember that ‘ole saying…  More is caught, than taught

I truly believe that if I do this for them that my reward will be to hear that they are also walking in that same truth.  This is definitely not always easy because my flesh likes to take over, but it is a daily goal of mine and I think this is much more important than covering all 8 areas of grammar each year. 

Have a blessed Monday friends,
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

What’s In Our Library Basket… Ancient Egypt + Meteorology

Library Basket

Hi Friends!! 

I am excited to share the first in a new series here called What’s In our Library Basket


Today’s haul is themed around Ancient Egypt + a couple books about the seasons that go along with our Meteorology science unit

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Want More Details?  Check out links below…

Ancient Egypt

Meteorology (Seasons)

That’s it for this week’s library haul.  What good treasures have you found at your local library lately?
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