Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Nathan James

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Wow!!  My days are flying by so fast and I never feel it more than when my kiddos have a birthday.  Today is our son’s birthday.  Nathan James (aka Nate) is the 2nd oldest in this bunch and I am in total denial that my little “smiley face” turns TWELVE today. 

Yes, that was (and still is) my nickname for that sweet little 3 month old baby who had the most precious smile that just took over his entire face.  Ahhh…  I would do anything to go back and snuggle that precious baby boy. 

Turning 12 is a big deal in our family – he is a young man now.   This is an important age in the Bible and we feel like it should be rewarded + honored in a big way.  You can find out more about this idea of what you can expect from a 12 year old from this great sermon by one of my favorite pastors. 

Nate has had a great week – Started off the weekend with visits from grandparents + he had his 1st plane trip with his dad + grandfather as they all went to their 1st Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. 


We are planning a simple family pizza party tonight and then a weekend full of football (Nate plays Upwards with our church) and more visits from grandparents. 

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If you need me all weekend, I will just be down in my laundry room trying to hold back the tears as I swap out summer + autumn clothes and wondering how time has gone so very fast!! 

The tears may or may not be from the fact that my little boy is growing up or that I am having to swap out laundry for TEN people!! 

Have a great weekend, friends!!
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