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What’s In Our Library Basket… {new series}

Library Basket

When we first embarked on our homeschool journey, I envisioned that we would establish the habit of weekly visits to our local library.  We would peruse the aisles, get to know our local librarian, and come home with a basket full of fun treasures that we would spend the week reading before we headed back to refill our minds + baskets the next week.

Merry Layne  ~  9 Months Old  ~  September 2012
This sweet little nugget has always loved to read (and pull out every book in the house.)

The reality is that as the years have gone by, despite my best intentions, this has just not been a reality for our family.  It is a combination of…  Not balancing my time very well during those early years when I had a house full of only little ones + realizing that as my babies grew up and as I became more comfortable with this whole “home education thing” that I was not a fan of all the twaddle, dumb-downed, and secular worldview resources that are readily available on the end caps and shared during the weekly storytime hour of our local libraries.

You guys know what I mean, right?

I did not want to go to all that effort to load everyone up, head off to the library, and then stand there and say “no” to all my children’s selections from the picture book bins and endcaps that I saw as twaddle and “not the best”.  So instead, I spent many years building up our little library with good, quality literature.  I wanted my children to know what “good” tasted like in their minds + what it felt like deep down in their souls.

All that to say…  Thank goodness for the online database + reserve/hold service available from our local library system.  This little saving grace has made our “weekly library trips” a reality over the past few years.  I add books randomly to my queue throughout the week so we can “try before we buy”, search their database when we are interested in certain topics, renew books online instead of making a trip “just to renew” books that are due that week, and I am able to schedule all my pickups at my favorite local branch.  It truly is a beautiful thing.  We have gotten to know the smiling faces behind the desk a little bit and it one of those weekly errands that I do not mind as part of our routine.

Merry Layne  ~  6 Years Old  ~  August 2018
This is that same sweet girl a few short years later.
She is now in the 1st grade and reading fun books to me.

I thought it would be fun to begin sharing with you guys some of our library hauls that we pick up each week.  Check back here often for updates and be sure to leave me a comment if you have some favorites that we should add to our library basket.

Here is a listing of all our previous library hauls…

Happy Homeschooling!
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Homeschool Mom Life Tips

Here’s a quick tip…  If you can create going to the library as part of your weekly routine, it makes it so simple to know when your books are due.  For example, the past 2 years my “library day” has been Tuesday afternoon after ballet drop off/pickup.  My favorite local branch is close by and this makes it super easy for me to drop by to pick up holds or return books each week.  I know that if I check them out on a Tuesday, then they are always due on a Tuesday.

Easy peasy and one less thing for this mama of 8 to have to remember in my brain.

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