Thursday, November 8, 2018

Homeschool Mom Life | Episode #2

Homeschool Mom Life 2
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Happy Thursday Friends!!

I am excited to be back again this week with another episode of Homeschool Mom Life. This is a show just for YOU – the homeschool mom.  I hope it will be a weekly dose of encouragement + real life + helpful tips along the way. 

Here are details + links from today’s video…

  • Enrichment Studies Guide – This is what I use as the spine for our Morning Time Feast.
  • Simply Weekly Subjects – This is an excellent blog post + video by Mrs. Sonya Shafer about adding in the feast of Charlotte Mason subjects in your homeschool.  It really only takes a few minutes each week to add in such a rich variety to your homeschool. 

2018 - 11.06.2018 - Our Fall Book Basket - Thumbnail11.14.2017 - Our Thanksgiving Book Basket - Thumbnail
Fall 2018 - Mid Season New Titles - LifeSize

The highlight of my week was seeing this precious boy baptized.
Nathan James – 12 Years Old

2018 - 11
Just a few favorite things I am enjoying this week.

We are hoping this downstairs bathroom renovation will be done by the end of this year.

Little boys with fevers require lots of snuggles.
Bennett Lawson – 4 Years Old

Thanks for tuning in for this week’s episode of Homeschool Mom Life.  My prayer is that this show will be a blessing to you as you walk along on this journey that God has called you and your family to pursue.  If you enjoyed the show today, please leave me a comment and be sure to leave your questions for the next round of q+a time.

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