Thursday, April 11, 2019

Family Studies :: Geography

Hi Homeschool Friends!!

I am continuing to share the resources we use for our Family Studies, and today it is all about geography.

Hope you enjoy today's video!

Here are links to the geography resources that I mentioned in today’s video…

**  History + Geography + Bible Lesson Plans by Simply Charlotte Mason

**  Visits To...  Geograhy Series by Simply Charlotte Mason

**  Book - Hungry Planet:   What the World Eats

**  Book - Material World - A Global Family Portrait

**  Book - Letters from Egypt (Recommended for grades 3-12)

**  Book - The Butter Man (African Living Picture Book)

**  Book - Yatandou (African Living Picture Book)

**  Book - Give Your Child the World

**  Flag Sticker Book by Usborne

**  Pin It Maps

**  Continent Puzzle Combo Pack

**  Educational Placemats