My Periscope Channel

Have you heard about Periscope?  It is a fun app for your mobile device that allows you to "go live" anytime and anywhere.  I am hosting a few shows over there each week and it has been so much fun to interact with other homeschool moms who are on this journey right along with me.

I have already mentioned that you can watch live, but you can also leave comments and interact with me by asking questions and sharing your experiences.  The cool part...  It is all in REAL TIME!!

Trust me...  It really is so much fun and I just love the personal interactions and the relationships that I have developed with all my sister homeschool moms.  Each show is usually 15 - 20 minutes, but I do give myself permission to go longer if needed and I also hop on randomly for fun topics too.  :)

To join me, simply download the Periscope app on your mobile device and search for @OurLittleSchoolhouse to find my profile.  You can choose to follow me, which means that you will be notified each time I go live so you can hop on my show and join the fun.

That's it.  Easy, Peasy, and so much FUN!!!

 Periscope shows are available in the app for only 24 hours. 

Are you new to my channel
Has it been longer than 24 hours since you caught me live?

No worries, I try my best to post all my episodes, along with the show notes, here on my blog.  You can also watch all of my shows right here over on my Katch page.

My Weekly Periscope Shows
Are you a Homeschool Mom?
Join me over on Periscope "most" mornings for a dose of morning inspiration and real life.

This is also our daily Homeschool Mom Book Club, where we discuss the ideas that have encouraged or spoke to our hearts from the selected book we are reading.  

Join me on Sunday afternoons as I dive deeper into learning more about how to implement Charlotte Mason's methods into our family's homeschool.  

Who does not love a fun book scope?  

Join me on Tuesday afternoons around 1:30pm Central as we take a look inside some of our family's favorite books and fun library finds.  

Want to take a peek inside our family's curriculum choices?

Join me on Wednesday afternoons where I share what we love and perhaps what we don't love about our school supplies.  

Join me for a relaxed chat on Thursday afternoons where I share about our week + answer your questions and talk about the topics you want to hear.

Homeschool Scopes is an amazing online group that connects homeschoolers via the Periscope app. You can connect daily with other moms as well as watch the fun "Homeschool Happy Hour" hosted by one of the members every Monday - Friday at 3:45pm Central.  

 Please hop on over to to join in on the fun!